An Unexpected Symptom of COVID-19: The Rise of Workplace Interpersonal Violence While Working from Home! (Breakout Session 7B)

8:30 – 9:30 am

Grand Ballroom 8B
Convention Level

(Hour 1 of Interpersonal Violence)

Across the country, most employees report feeling unsafe at work. Work- place violence incident rates and fatality rates have increased in recent years. This presentation will examine the impact of COVID-19 on bullying and violence in the workplace during quarantine and in the transition back to work. There will be a discussion about positive contributions by employers to reduce workplace violence.

Welcome and Introductions
Stuart F. Suskin, Attorney and Mediator
Stuart F. Suskin Mediations
Gainesville, FL

Liz Bradshaw, MS
Fort Lauderdale Police Dept/ Special Victims Unit
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sarah deLaurentis, Attorney and Mediator
Boca Raton, FL


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