Active Shooter: Response Options for Civilians – Lessons Learned From Recent Events

1:00 – 4:00 pm

Magnolia Ballrooms 4 & 5
Convention Level

No organization can afford to ignore the problems associated with “active shooters” in the workplace as part of its emergency response efforts. The Active Shooter incidents continue at an alarming rate, demonstrating that this problem is not going to go away. This updated and current course examines the difficulties and recommended approaches to handling the active shooter problem. The presentation includes: a profile of an active shooter; an in-depth review of recent shootings and other workplace violence incidents; response/survival options when an active shooter situation arises; and first-aid/buddy-aid for Active Shooter events. Claims professionals may be involved in the management of active shooter claims if the incident occurs in the workplace. This course will enable the claims professional to better understand and handle the events that manifest from these types of events.

Gary Lopez, CSP, MS
Gallagher Risk Management Services
Weston, FL

First Sergeant Neal Bohannon
Tactical Edge Law Enforcement Training
Naples, FL

Lieutenant Rich Hampton
Tactical Edge Law Enforcement Training
Naples, FL


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