Recommendations From the Program Chair

Steve Rissman

Recommendations From the Program Chair will be a multi-part series from WCI’s Program Chair, Steve Rissman. This page will be continuously updated with new articles and recommendations.

Tuesday Program Recommendations

This is the second episode of program highlights. It comes in response to questions that I get asked regarding program recommendations. We truly have a specific program for every group interested in workers’ compensation. The Tuesday of the Convention (December 14, 2021) is what I call specialty day. Virtually every one of the 22 programs and the hundreds of speakers are designed for the benefit of certain specialty audiences. For example, on Tuesday, we have three separate medical programs. We have a Chiropractic Breakout sponsored by the Florida Chiropractic Association, a Pain Medicine Breakout sponsored by the Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and an Occupational Medicine Breakout sponsored by the Florida Association of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. These are great programs for adjusters, nurse case managers, attorneys, safety personnel and others who are interested in the medical issues which are involved in every single workers’ compensation accident and claim. It is a rather sophisticated part of the program and the speakers are always well known experts.

Tuesday is also the first day of a Longshore and Harbor Worker Act program which is moderated each year by Robert Bambdas. This is a program that has become one of the very best Longshore programs in the country. It features not only expert lawyers in this specialty, but also a variety of regulators and judges from the United States Department of Labor. If one of your job responsibilities entails Longshore cases, this is a not miss and can’t miss program for you.

Medicare issues continue to dominate the world of workers’ compensation. Day 1 of a two day program begins on Tuesday with the program put together and moderated by Dan Anders, with Tower MSA Partners. The highlight of the first day involves a townhall featuring speakers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The townhall will be interactive and in addition to CMS telling you what is required, you will be able to ask questions of the regulators. How does it get better than that?

That is just a taste of specialty Tuesday. There will be more soon.

Monday Program Recommendations

Because we have over 550 speakers and 250 separate sessions, I get asked all the time for program recommendations. We truly have a program for every group interested in workers’ compensation. Here are a couple of suggestions.

On the Monday morning of the Convention, the “first couple” of workers’ compensation, Kimberly George and Mark Walls, host the keynote panel consisting of Michele Adams from Walmart, Max Koonce from Sedgwick, Florida Judge David Langham and Susan Shemaski from Adecco. If that doesn’t get the convention off to a jump start, I don’t know what would.

In the afternoon, there are so many cutting edge programs it is difficult to limit myself to just two. Dave North, Executive Chairman of Sedgwick, moderates a 3 ½ hour program stuffed with spectacular speakers and panels that analyze the COVID impact on workers’ compensation and what the future holds. Secondly, the highly regarded Breakout for Risk Managers has its first day featuring Barry Dillard from Disney, Whitney Craig from RIMS, Patrick Sterling from Texas Roadhouse and Lauren McBride from Publix talking about legislative advocacy followed by a really unique and impactful program with speakers Michele Adams from Walmart (and formerly from Disney) and Laure Lamy Founder of Policy Strategies. Those are only two of dozens of opportunities to listen to the very best speakers talk about the most relevant topics.