2017 Workers’ Compensation Desk Manual

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The 2017 Workers' Compensation Desk Manual is your guidebook to the Workers' Comp System. In it's 25th edition, this 900+page reference book includes the complete text of the workers' compensation law. It offers concrete, practical guidance to manage a workers' compensation insurance program and includes forms, sample contracts and step-by-step directions for the Florida professional involved in the workers' compensation system. Learn how to save money with fewer workers' compensation claims and lower premiums. You'll learn how premiums are calculated, the discounts that are available, and insurance plans that provide savings. This manual is a must for employers interested in the Florida Drugfree Workplace program, the Americans With Disabilities Act and Return to Work plans. This book includes discussions on: Employer Civil Liability; Workers' Compensation Forms; Rules and Regulations; Florida Workers' Compensation Law; and much more.

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