Prosecution of Pain Med Physicians: Conspiracy Or Truth?

F.J. Thomas

Salt Lake City, UT ( – Last week, WorkersCompensation.comreported that Allstate had filed suit against two pain clinics and long standing physicians after an investigation by the US Department of Justice.

One of the points made in the article was that neither physician really fit the stereotype of the providers charged in the large investigations, as they had been in practice for many years and one of them had, in fact, served as Chief of Surgery at a local hospital. The fact the provider did not fit the usual mold was certainly used by his attending physician. However, the Detroit News also brought out that this same physician had allegedly lied about his assets.

There are concerns among some that physicians in general are being used as scapegoats in the nationwide effort to curb the unnecessary prescribing of opioids. An additional complaint some physicians are being targeted more than others with the same prescribing patterns. Critics say the government has unfairly targeted some of the most vulnerable providers, and call it an example of government overreach.

Doctors Of Courage founded by Linda S. Cheek, M.D. stated the Michigan criminal investigationwas based on a vague law for ulterior motives stating, “….the government is turning this vague law against any physician to fund the government coffers and give the DOJ job security.”

According to the Doctors Of Courage website, Cheek herself was a target of investigation and in fact served a 26 month prison sentence. During that time, she states she found that 25 percent of incarcerated people were innocent, and that the Justice Department doesn’t follow its own policies.

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