Producers Of A Hit TV Show Cited By OSHA After Stuntman Gets Injured

Toni Sutton-Deangelico


Atlanta, GA ( there is a lawsuit of some sort, or it is sexy, or there is a death, most TV and film injuries in the media go unreported, and many more of these injuries go unreported to OSHA. In the last10 years, according to the agency’s database, fewer than a dozen special effects or stunt-related injuries have been reported. Also, only a handful of other kinds of injuries such as fall on the set or accidents involving props have been reported.

Recently, an accident on the set of a popular TV show made headlines. Last month, CBS’ ‘MacGyver’ was slapped with a ‘serious citation’ and a fine for $9,472 in connection with the injury of a stuntman. The work-related incident happened back in August during the shooting of the hit show in Georgia.

Justin Sundquist, a stunt coordinator, was treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital after he was hurt while performing a stunt from a moving vehicle traveling around 18 mph, according to a news release from the agency. The agency declared “OSHA issued a serious citation for failing to provide adequate head protection during stunts.” After an investigation into the work-related accident, Eye Productions Inc., was cited by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for “failing to protect employees from hazards,” while filming on location in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia,

For Eye Productions Inc, this isn’t the first time OSHA has penalized them. From documents obtained by, in the last two years, they have been cited eight times after inspections conducted by OSHA for approximately $18,164. OSHA Atlanta-West Acting Area Director Keith Hass told said in a statement “this incident underscores the requirement for employers in the entertainment industry to implement better safety practices to protect actors and stunt persons from serious injuries.”

Just over a year ago stuntman John Bernecker was killed while he was filming a scene for ‘The Walking Dead’ in Atlanta. The show’s producer, Stalwart Films was fined by OHSA for what was the maximum permissible fine of $12,675.

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