Imprisoned Former KY Lawmaker Faces Charges for Fake Work Comp Documents


By Liz Carey

Lexington, KY ( – A federal grand jury has indicted a former KY legislator for using fake workers’ compensation insurance documentation in order to keep a contract. 

Former state Rep. W. Keith Hall, 58, was indicted on Nov. 16 and faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of the worst of the six charges, including wire fraud, identity theft and lying to the FBI.

At the center of the charges is a company called S&H Chemical Co. LLC, which lists its owners as S.H. and J.H., with J.H. being identified as Hall’s son. 

Hall owned coal companies that operated in conjunction with the chemical company and “generally oversaw” the operation of it, according a report in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

According to the indictment, B&W Resources, a mining company that purchased chemicals from S&H, required its vendors to show proof of workers’ compensation coverage. At least four times, Hall provided falsified documents to the company via email. Using valid insurance certificates issued to another company, Hall pasted his company’s name over the other company’s name, and changed the dates as needed, the indictment said.

Hall is currently serving a 7-year prison sentence for a conviction in 2015 for bribing a coal mine inspector to overlook violations at his facility. In 2014, he allegedly gave inspector Kelly Shortridge $46,000 to ignore or delay enforcement of environmental violations at Hall’s mines, and to let Hall mine outside the area covered by his mining permit.

He was found guilty of the bribery charges, and is scheduled to be released from prison in 2022.

Previously, Hall was a state representative for Pike County for 14 years, before losing a re-election bid in 2014.

William Allen Love, the media coordinator for the Eastern District of Kentucky’s Office of the US Attorney, did not immediately return calls for comment.

Hall is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges on Dec. 1.

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