McDonald’s Responds to Workplace Violence Criticism

nancy Grover

Sarasota, FL ( – Ten U.S. senators are asking McDonald’s CEO to “immediately adopt a comprehensive action plan to keep your workers safe…” The letter to Steve Easterbrook follows the release of a report indicating more than 700 incidents of workplace violence in the past three years.

The National Employment Law Project’s Report, Behind the Arches: How McDonald’s Fails To Protect Workers From Workplace Violence detailed 721incidents of workplace violence including 281 involving injuries and 86 deaths.

The group of democratic senators, including several seeking the Democratic nomination for president, said the “pattern of violence” is “persistent and unacceptable…” it also said the company’s response to date has been inadequate.

McDonald’s said in an emailed statement it will provide “national training initiatives in our corporate-owned U.S. restaurants …focused on employees’ safety in the workplace to further ensure that anyone who comes into a McDonald’s feels safe, secure and respected.”

The letter from the senators points out that the “corporate-owned restaurants” comprise a small fraction of the chain.

“Given that 95 percent of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned, this action falls far short of the steps needed to keep all McDonald’s workers safe.”

The letter asks for a response from Easterbrook by July 19. The senators have also sent a letterto U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta seeking a full investigation into the issue.

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