Longshore And Harbor Workers Act, Jones Act, and Defense Base Act

Andrew Sabolic
Executive Director
Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI)

WCI 2022: Session Sneak Peak

A sometimes over-looked, but vital workers’ benefit delivery programs are the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act, Jones Act, and the Defense Base Act. These acts cover hundreds of thousands of workers outside of states’ workers’ compensation systems. WCI has consistently recognized the importance of these federal programs and their inherent complexities. Our subject matter experts at this year’s conference will discuss a range of issues including new challenges and developments in the Longshore and Defense Base Act industries and the latest organizational and policy changes within the Federal Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. Two unique sessions are also part of this year’s program. The Defense Base Act coverage and insurance writing are more relevant than ever due to the Ukrainian/Russian War and other hot spots in the world, which have increased the need for private military contractors through the Department of Defense contracts. Offshore wind energy is rapidly becoming an alternative energy source in the United States. The insurance industry and the marine legal fields are having to come to grips with new legal exposures, risks, and claim potential as off-shore wind farms are identified and developed.

For a complete copy of this year’s conference program, please click here. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Act, Jones Act, and the Defense Base Act breakout is summarized here.