Let Us Be the Leaders of Professionalism, Civility and Human Kindness

Glen Wieland

In these unprecedented times, the Workers Compensation Institute urges civility and cooperation for all those involved in litigating claims.

We have joined with the Workers’ Compensation Section of the Florida Bar and the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims to endorse and promote the following statement:

Let Us Be the Leaders of Professionalism, Civility and Human Kindness

We are in the most difficult time any of us have ever seen in our lifetime. We must raise our professionalism standards to the highest level. We must all work together to weather the COVID-19 storm. Please be cooperative and civil to each other. Work hard to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Injured workers need benefits and employers and carriers need resolution to the cases. We as attorneys can and should set an example of professionalism, civility and human kindness for the community.

We should not engage in “gamesmanship” or any other tactic thinking you might gain some advantage. We should not be engaging in unnecessary litigation or delay tactics. For depositions and mediations, if possible, just let everyone appear by phone or video conference, including court reporters for depositions. Do not put anyone’s health at risk. We can and should resolve cases and issues by doing as much by phone as possible. Be cooperative in rescheduling and granting extensions.

We all have families and lives outside of the workers’ compensation world, and our families, our health, and our lives are more important than any case. Be kind and compassionate as many are suffering. Be safe and protect your health for the sake of your family, your staff and most importantly, yourself. There are many people counting on all of us as we are all in this together. We will get through this and it will change how we live our lives forever.