Jackson Will Not Return as President’s Physician; May Face Pentagon Scrutiny

Liz Carey

Washington, DC (WorkersCompensation.com) – Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump’s former nominee to be head of the Veterans Administration, will not return to his role as physician to the President, and faces possible investigation by the Pentagon. For previous WorkersCompensation.com coverage on the topic, click here.

Jackson, who withdrew his name from consideration for the VA position after allegations of workplace misconduct, will return to the White House, according to ABC News, but will not return to his previous position.

On Monday, the Pentagon’s Inspector General announced it was reviewing the allegations against Jackson, and what actions the Department of Defense should take.

“The DOD Inspector General has received the allegations and is assessing what investigations and reviews have already been conducted related to these issues, any jurisdictional issues that may relate to the allegations, and the scope of the allegations and complaints related to these issues. The Inspector General’s office will determine what investigations or actions are warranted regarding these allegations and complaints,” Pentagon spokesman Tom Crosson said in a statement to ABC News.

A Navy rear admiral, Jackson came under fire in recent weeks after allegations arose that he drank excessively, created a “toxic” work environment, and was freewheeling when it came to prescribing medications on White House staffers.

Further allegations arose Monday, when it was revealed that Vice President Mike Pence’s physician had brought to the White House’s attention Jackson’s behavior regarding the Second Lady, Pence’s wife. During a trip to Camp David, Pence’s physician said, Jackson inappropriately leaked Karen Pence’s medical information and created a hostile environment when the two physicians discussed the matter.

Jackson will continue to serve as a member of the White house medical staff, but will not return to his role as the President’s physician. Navy officer Sean Conley, who assumed the position of physician to the president during Jackson’s confirmation process, will continue in his new role, the White House confirmed to Politico.

“Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is currently on active duty, assigned to the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President. Despite published reports, there are no personnel announcements at this time,” Raj Shah, White House principal deputy press secretary, said in a statement.

An investigation into the allegations against Jackson have been dropped by the Senate Veterans Affairs committee, because of his withdrawal for consideration for the VA position.

The White House did not return emails and phone calls for comment by press time.