Italian Hacking Group Attacks NM’s Work Comp Website

Liz Carey

Santa Fe, NM ( – In mid-May, New Mexico’s Workers’ Compensation Administration (WCA) became the latest government target of an Italian hacking organization.

AnonPlus, an offshoot of the group Anonymous, defaced three of the WCA’s websites, including the main portal, as well as a former main portal that redirects to the current one, Aileen O’Catherine told Government Technology (GT).

This is the third attack by AnonPlus on American government agencies. Along with the NM WCA, the group claims to have defaced the website of InfraGard Connecticut, a non-profit partnership between the FBI, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration for Bradley Airport.

The hackers also targeted the Idaho Legislature and iCourt websites, but the impact was insubstantial, officials told GT.

Diana Sandoval-Tapia, Public Information Officer for the NM WCA, said there was little impact to the WCA as well.

“The issue has been resolved. From what I understand, we discovered it quickly and took it down, then repaired the damage,” Sandoval-Tapia told “At the same time, we took the time to plug any holes in the site and make the site more secure.”

No data was compromised in the event and the only interruption to business was having the public unable to access the website, she said.

It was not immediately clear what the purpose of the attacks were.

AnonPlus stated on its website:

“AnonPlus spreads ideas without censorship, creates spaces to spread directly through mass defacement, publish news that the media filtered and managed for the consumption of who controls, we do that to restore dignity to the function of the media: Media should be free, without censorship and must limit itself to ‘show what’s happening’ and don’t ‘say to us what’s wrong and what’s right,’” the group said on its website. “AnonPlus puts offline sites that actively contribute to the control of the masses from the corrupt, that by manipulating information and opinions create false realities: This is censorship!”

The AnonPlus website has since been taken down.