Inspector Accused Of False Reporting In Hotel Collapse Resigns

Liz Carey

New Orleans, LA ( – A building inspector who allegedly filed false inspection reports before a hotel collapsed in New Orleans, has resigned, officials said.

Eric Treadaway, an inspector with the New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits, is accused of filing a false safety inspection on the Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans in 2019. Ten weeks later, in October 2019, the top floors of the structure collapsed, killing three construction workers on the floors below.

An investigation into the event found that Treadaway and another inspector, Julie Tweeter, had submitted reports that said they inspected projects, including the Hard Rock Hotel, when their vehicle GPS data showed that they weren’t even at the locations during the times they claimed to have been inspecting it.

Several workers’ compensation claims arose out of the incident.

Lawsuits and video taken during the incident indicated the concrete floors were not properly supported and that the concrete had not been allowed to properly cure before moving on to the next stage of construction. Some videos seemed to show that the concrete floors were sagging shortly after they were poured.

Tweeter and Treadaway were both suspended for 30 days without pay for filing false reports. On Monday, New Orleans officials announced that Treadaway had resigned the previous week, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. His resignation effectively ends the city’s disciplinary actions against him.

Tweeter is still under suspension and her disciplinary hearing is scheduled later this week.

Another inspector, Thomas Dwyer, who also allegedly inspected work at the hotel, has retired from the city. Last year, a fourth inspector, Kevin Richardson, pleaded guilty to accepting $65,000 in bribes in exchange for not reporting violations and signing false inspection reports. His sentencing hearing in set for May 5.

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