Hot Seat Q&A: Judge David Langham, Webinar Co-Host

Dara Barney’s next Hot Seat webinar will take place Thursday, March 29 at 2 p.m. ET. It will be entitled, “Sexual Harassment in Workers’ Comp: Ignorance, Stupidity or Evil? Registration is available here. Follow along this week and next for Q&A profiles on the panelists. See below for a quick-fire interview with David Langham, Deputy Chief Judge of Florida’s Office of Judges of Compensation Claims.

Sarasota, FL ( –

1) As co-host for this Hot Seat, what are your expectations for the session?

I am hopeful that a dialogue will bring consciousness. Recent scandals are bringing shock and heightened awareness. But, those are egregious examples, the worst of the worst. I think this issue is broader and deeper than the sensational headlines and the most shock-worthy headlines. I am hopeful that we could begin a sincere conversation recognizing the insidious nature of abusive interactions and relationships. The path to today was long and the road out will likely be long and difficult. But, we need a personal and collective consciousness of the scope of this issue and a commitment to beginning a thoughtful and focused departure from where we are.

2) Do you think there will be any challenges in covering this topic?

Yes. It is an emotional topic. It is a topic that non-victims tell me they struggle to understand. As the title suggests, there are those who are simply uninformed about it, whether intentionally or not. There are those who recognize that these issues exist, but seem ignorant that it is actually in their “own backyard,” or involves them. And, there are those who perpetrate these actions, sustain these environments, intentionally and purposefully. I think that the conversation needs to acknowledge all of these, address all of these, and begin a commitment to protect the victims of all of these with appropriate action.

3) If you could give webinar attendees one take-away, what would it be?

That too many are willing to believe that what we are seeing are abhorrent but isolated events. The many isolated examples suggest that, in one form or another, there are many who are either victim to the evil, or suffer surrounded by the stupid, or could really use the help of the ignorant.

4) Anything to add?

I am thankful to the panelists that are participating. I think that their strong voices can contribute to a better professional environment. I doubt that we can solve any of the world’s problems in an hour-long webinar. But, it is time for an open and frank discussion of ending sexual harassment. I want to know how I can be part of a solution and I think that others seek that knowledge also. The truth of that will be seen in how many take the time to tune in to learn more.