Healthcare Workers Hit Hard By COVID-19

F.J. Thomas

Sarasota, FL ( – While hospitals and healthcare facilities are working diligently to improve the lives of their patients, they are often at risk to the COVID-19 pandemic themselves. Historically, due to established regulations, healthcare facilities have made a concerted effort in disinfecting and minimizing the risk of blood borne pathogens. However, those efforts have not been enough to keep workers from getting COVID-19.

Here are just a few of the facilities across the nation that have reported employees that have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a report from WMAZ, two employees of Central State Hospital, a behavioral health facility in Milledgeville, Georgia have died from COVID-19. In fact, 12 patients and 24 employees have tested positive for the virus. WMAZ also reported that there are at least 6 nursing facilities in central Georgia that have reported COVID-19 cases.

In a report from Maui, 9 patient and 22 workers have tested positive for COVID-19, and more tests are pending. According to the hospital’s website, the facility is the only acute care facility on the Valley Isle and employs more the 1,300 caregivers.

Earlier this month, WKRG reported 12 employees had tested positive for the virus at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama. Springhill Medical Center is the only family-owned, for-profit, tax paying hospital in southwest Alabama.

Mental health facility CenterPointe Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri reported earlier in April that 27 staff members and 4 patients had tested positive for COVID-19. On April 10th, the facility announced that although they were waiting on the results of 5 tests, no new cases had been reported and they were resuming admissions after thoroughly disinfecting.

Around 2 percent of the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report from Fierce Healthcare. Of over 2,500 workers, 734 have tested positive for the virus. Of the workers that tested positive, 20 percent had to be hospitalized according to a statement from the Chief clinical officer, Adnan Munkarah, M.D..

Also in Michigan, at least 110 of 728 employees at Michigan Medicine tested positive for COVID-19 according to a report from Less than 10 employees were hospitalized.

Vanderbilt Hospital has been the center stage for COVID-19 cases in Tennessee. According to a recent press release on the hospital’s website, 94 of their 24,000 employees have tested positive for COVID-19. The hospital has implemented a self-monitoring survey that requires employees to report daily. If an employee fails to report, Occupational Health follows up with an email or phone call.

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