FAIA teams up with WCI for agents track

Dave Newell

The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI 2018) Conference is slated for August 19–22, 2018, and FAIA is once again teaming up with WCI to develop the agent track.

Thinking about what agents could learn and apply after the conference was uppermost in our minds as FAIA General Counsel Laura Pearce and I, as the director of Education, strove to develop topics and engage knowledgeable workers’ compensation speakers. With that in mind, here’s a brief rundown of the various classes and panels that could significantly increase your workers’ compensation acumen:

  • Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier will kick off the agent track by outlining what Florida agents face in the work comp arena through legislation, court decisions, and rates for the upcoming year.
  • The regulators panel will provide information on how the work comp marketplace has changed from a legislative and regulatory standpoint, claims handling, and how they see the future of the workers’ compensation system.
  • The communications panel will provide agents a great overview of how best to handle their role as they communicate with an injured worker from a legal, carrier, and agent point of view.
  • Frank Pennachio will lead a session on the use of large deducible and self-insured plans in the work comp space. When coverage becomes challenging, using these types of vehicles will give you an advantage.
  • A PEO panel looks at their continued role in the independent insurance channel and will dispel some of the misunderstanding created in the relationship with the agent from a licensure, ownership of the client, and co-employment standpoint.
  • The fraud panel, which includes a representative from the Florida Workers’ Compensation Division of Fraud, will discuss the top ten issues facing agents and how they can reduce their exposure to an E&O claim.
  • A safety program panel will provide agents some tools they can put into to use to advise and assist their clients with these types of programs.
  • A physician’s panel will take a look at how and when (or if) injured workers are determined able to work again, if the worker has met maximum medical improvement, or if a disability rating if warranted. The panel will also tackle issues surrounding opioids and medical marijuana.

The relationship between FAIA and the WCI agent breakout sessions continues to grow. We encourage any member of FAIA that wants to be a better workers’ compensation agent to register for this conference. See you there!

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