Ex Police Officer Charged With Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Toni Sutton- Deangelico

Los Angeles, CA (WorkersCompensation.com) – A former Los Angeles police officer faces charges of workers’ compensation fraud. Redondo Beach resident Michael Simon had been an LAPD officer for 12 years before resigning from the force. In 2015 he had been injured in a work-related accident and had been collecting benefits ever since, claiming he was unable to work.

Investigators from the LAPD in partnership with The Special Operations Division and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Healthcare Fraud Division decided to look into Simon because they had reportedly suspected he was involved in physical activities that conflicted with the claimed injury that had him on disability.

Authorities say Simon falsely represented the nature of his injuries to his employer in order to illegally collect additional financial assistance, according to Deputy District Attorney Arunas Sodonis of the Healthcare Fraud Division.

The Felony Complaint for arrest warrant says Simon committed workers’ compensation fraud by unlawfully and knowingly making a false and fraudulently material statement and material representation for the purpose of obtaining compensation.

Simon was charged with two counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud and one felony count of grand theft of more than $950.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office tells WorkersCompensation.com that if convicted, Simon could face up to six years and eight months behind bars.

Simon’s arraignment has not yet been scheduled. The case is still under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit.

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