Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Belonging (DEIB) In The Insurance Industry

Jim McConnaughhay, WCI General Chair

WCI 2022: Session Sneak Peak

For the second year in a row, WCI’s educational conference has programming focused on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Building a diverse workforce and creating a work environment that values diversity and inclusion elevates an entire organization. A term that has recently been added to the DEIB conversation is “belonging.” When employees feel that they belong in an organization, they believe they can reach their full potential with that employer. Organizations should facilitate a sense of belonging and build trust so that their employees believe their leadership supports them and wants to see them succeed.

Discussions on DEIB begin on Monday, August 23, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. at the Annual Prayer Breakfast. The prayer breakfast addresses the integration of faith into DEIB discussions in organizations that are involved in the workers’ compensation industry. Particular reference will be directed to how DEIB can be developed using a “faith-based” strategy for success. Back by popular demand is the praise team and minister from the Designers Way Christian Church, Tampa, Florida. The prayer breakfast program can be referenced by clicking here and the program offerings for the entire conference can be reviewed here.

Conference sessions that focus on DEIB topics that are relevant and directed towards attracting top-level career seeking employees is the subject of afternoon sessions. Industry leaders who aim for success must attract top talent from all backgrounds. Our panelists will discuss and give insight on how stakeholders promote DEIB in relation to talent acquisition, talent management and engagement. Inclusion is challenging in remote work environments. Even as the impact of COVID-19 subsides, remote and hybrid work flexible work arrangements will remain. Our panelists will also probe into how remote work arrangements impact DEIB practice, and how remote work can advance and hinder workplace inclusion.

We are certain that all who attend will recognize the importance of DEIB in our industry. For more information on this breakout, including session and speaker details, please click here.