Crane Operator Okay After Night With A Tornado

Liz Carey

Nashville, TN ( – Jason Nash got a bird’s eye view of the recent tornado in Nashville  – so he filmed it.

Nash, a crane operator in Nashville, was 375-feet above ground in his crane around 1 a.m. when a tornado ripped through that city. Knowing that it the tornado was only minutes away, and that it would take him at least 15 minutes to descend from his perch above the city, Nash decided to film the tornado as it came barreling towards him.

“There is a real tornado right there,” he said, while filming the video he later posted on his Facebook page. “If something happens make sure everybody knows I love them … This is no joke, there’s a real tornado right … there!”

Nash, who turned 45 on Sunday, said he was scared, but unhurt in the incident. He apologized on the page for his shaky video, but confessed it wasn’t a priority at the time.

A second video shown by CountryNewsNow shows that another crane was operating in the area and that the massive tornado passed just blocks from Nash’s crane.

The Nashville tornado killed at least 24 people early Tuesday morning. The fast moving storm had winds of up to 165 mph, and struck with little warning. Residents had two minutes to get to safety, officials said. Officials said it was possible there were two storms in the early morning hours.

In his video, Nash said the storm came out of nowhere and that one minute it was clear and several minutes later, the storm was on top of Nashville.

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