Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Breakout for Temporary Staffing

9:00 – 4:15 pm    
Grand Ballrooms 13 & 14
Convention Level

This program is being presented in a roundtable format. We encourage you to participate with us in our discussions. No topic is “off the table,” so feel free to present us with your questions, comments, or even talk about your claims. The goal of this program is to facilitate an open dialogue in a more informal setting. Our program is geared for everyone: risk managers, brokers, TPA’s, carriers, adjusters, nurses, lawyers, and business partners. If you have any dealings in the temporary staffing arena or want to learn more about temporary staffing, this is the place to be!

Program Moderator:
Kristy L. McConnell, ARM
State Director
Maitland, FL
9:00 – 10:00 am    
Taking Control and Demystifying Workers’ Compensation Class Coding and Auditing for Temporary Staffing Companies

Brad Isaacs CIC, CRM
Risk Transfer
Orlando, FL
Melissa Bowman-Miller
Vice President of Risk Management
Cincinnati, OH 
Daphne M. Phalon                
Chief Operations Officer
United Personnel
Springfield, MA 
Andrew Kohler, CIC
Sr. Account Executive
Risk Transfer
Orlando, FL
Robert Thompson
Vice President
World Wide Specialty Programs
Melville, NY 

Learn best practices from staffing industry risk managers, brokers, and carrier underwriters on how to work through, properly identify, and classify the correct workers’ compensation class code for your client or your company. Learn their techniques and which tools help them make the proper workers’ compensation class code decisions faster, so not to slow down your sales team. Let’s talk about all the rulings, regulations, guidelines, and exceptions that cover premium audits and class codes. If you are interested in protecting your bottom line, this class is for you. Learn tips and suggestions on how to make the audit process less complicated and how to demystify proper classifications.
10:00 – 12:00 pm    
Get High on Workers’ Compensation? A Discussion of Medical Marijuana, The Ramifications of Changing State Laws and Who Pays

George Waters, Attorney
Eraclides, Gelman, Hall, Indek, Goodman, Waters & Traverso        
Lawrenceville, GA 
Douglas J. Kotarek, Attorney
Hall & Evans, LLC
Denver, CO
Dr. Howard Weiss
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
Jacksonville, FL 

An interactive panel discussion which includes an attorney from Colorado and a doctor from Florida to discuss how medical marijuana is changing workers’ compensation treatment and whether the employer/insurers should have to pay for it. We will also discuss treatment guidelines, safety concerns, how marijuana affects human resource policies, whether it is effective, liability to the employer, addiction, and the conflict between federal and state laws. 
12:00 – 1:00 pm    

Provided by Eraclides, Gelman, Hall, Indek, Goodman, Waters & Traverso, Arch Care Consultants, and Archangel Investigations
1:00 – 2:00 pm    
Believe it or Not: Compensable or Not Compensable?

Denise Evans
Corporate Workers’ Compensation Director of Claims 
Cincinnati, OH
Derek James, Attorney
Jones, Hurley & Hand PA
Orlando FL 
Stephanie Craig, ARM
Senior Director, Claim and Risk Management
Advantage Resourcing Group
Norwood, MA

Jon Formento
TDI Nationwide
Woodridge, IL 

Real life claims or just fabrications? You decide, as we delve into some of the most bizarre, unexplainable, and sometimes humorous fact patterns ever seen in the staffing industry. This group will hold a lively conversation using real life examples of the weirdest coverage issues, strangest legal scenarios, oddest investigations, and peculiar compensability determinations. The discussion will then address what to look for, who to involve, when to contact legal, and why the claim was compensable or not. Again, we welcome participants to submit a claim on which they would like to obtain opinions and/or suggestions. 
3:15 – 4:15 pm    
Temporary Staffing vs. PEO 

Brad Isaacs CIC, CRM
Risk Transfer
Orlando, FL 
Daniel S. McHenry
Business Advisory Group Practice Leader
McHenry Consulting, Inc.
Orlando, FL
Mike Jackson
National Account Executive
Chicago IL 

Understand the similarities, differences, and opportunities between owning a temporary staffing agency and owning a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). Can you own both and have them coexist? Learn from industry consulting experts, organizations that own both a PEO and staffing division, and attorneys who specialize in the legal aspects of both the staffing and PEO industry.