BLOOM Decorate-A-Villa Day 2022 at Give Kids The World Village

BLOOM (formerly InTouch) has been coordinating a special Holiday Decorate-A-Villa Day at Give Kids The World since 2016.*  Volunteers from all over Florida and sponsors from national organizations who donate to this event look forward to participating, and many sign up for the following year at each DAV event they attend!

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, 42 volunteers gathered at GKTW Village and decorated nine villas, four hallway lobby trees, and two 9-foot main lobby trees at Banyan Park with what we, at BLOOM, call Decorating Packages. Each Package contains a pre-lit tree, wreath and hangar, topper, skirt, ornaments, hooks, stockings, garland, and more.

Donna Check was the facilitator for this event the last three years DAV took place. In 2022, with help from Elves Mary Cliver (FFVA), Kathleen Cliver (Gallagher Bassett), and Michael Anderson (The IMA Group), sponsors and volunteers were secured and confirmed. Donna is the shopper for decorations utilizing sponsor donations. All the decorations are separated into the Decorating Packages using Hefty bags for each villa or each lobby tree, and delivered by the BLOOM Elves on DAV Day. When the volunteers arrive, they get into groups, get their assignment, take a Package and start decorating!

From there it’s all glowing faces and beaming smiles on every volunteer! We believe as a team of people we bring so much joy and love to the children and families who come to GKTW Village! It’s the giving and it’s the love!

Donations not utilized for decorations are given to GKTW Village! In 2022, the BLOOM Decorate-A-Villa Day team of sponsors and volunteers gave GKTW Village a check for $4500.00! Please contact Donna Check at to add your name to the list for BLOOM’s DAV Day 2023, whether volunteering or sponsoring.

* How BLOOM’s DAV Day began: Robin Fielding (Orthopaedic Center of South Florida) was the initiator in 2016. Mari Diaz (BLOOM Founder) and Anailis Diaz (Central Investigation Agency) coordinated the start of DAV Day which became BLOOM’s Decorate-A-Villa Day at GKTW Village!