Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Institute is excited to announce a partnership with the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation! On Wednesday, August 14, at the WCI 2019 Conference, the Alliance will host a leadership event open to all conference attendees.

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Rise and Resilience

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is proud to bring the WCI conference attendees an empowering and inspirational leadership breakout, Rise and Resilience.

Jeannette Walls

Have you ever asked yourself, what’s my career path? Are you thinking of taking the next step in your career? Do you worry that you are not on the “right” path? In the opening session a panel of successful women from different aspects of the workers’ compensation industry will reflect on their career journeys. Each panelist has a unique story to tell, lessons learned, and successes to reflect upon.

During the keynote you will hear from Jeannette Walls, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Glass Castle. On stage, Jeannette will share her resilient journey in pursuit of authenticity, revealing the power of courage and determination in overcoming unimaginable obstacles. The audience will realize the power of the human spirit as she inspires courage in the face of new and longstanding fears, and reveals how our weaknesses can be our greatest strengths.

Come dressed for success and have your professional headshot updated. Need advice on career attire in business and business casual environments? We will have members of the Alliance available for coaching.

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About The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation (AWWC) was formed in 2016 when two women’s organizations (Women in Workers’ Compensation and the Women Executives in Workers’ Compensation) merged to create a single entity.

AWWC is a think tank of engaged female thought leaders committed to discussing challenges and emerging trends in the Workers’ Compensation industry. Our goal is to provide an environment that allows for open dialogue on industry-specific topics resulting in idea sharing, insight gathering, networking.

The mission of the Alliance is to effect positive change in the workers’ compensation industry through networking, support, mentoring and collaboration.

Learn more by visiting the AWWC website.