Active Shooter: Response Options For Civilians – Lessons Learned From Recent Events

Andrew Sabolic
Executive Director
Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI)

WCI 2022: Session Sneak Peak

One of the Breakout Sessions that WCI hoped would no longer be needed relates to Industry’s response to active shooter situations. However, as evidenced by the recent, tragic active shooter situations, especially those related to school incidents around the country, we are reminded of the importance for advanced planning related to what responses should be taken when such incidents occur.. According to a Bureau of Labor statistics report, workplace violence which includes active shooter incidents costs the American workforce approximately $36 billion dollars per year.

The speakers presenting at this year’s conference are an extraordinary group of experts. They are actively employed in various law enforcement positions and will provide an updated analysis of responding to active shooter situations based upon their own experiences with particular attention to “lessons learned” from the numerous active shooter situations that have occurred in the last several years.

For a complete copy of this year’s conference program, please click here. The Active Shooter breakout is summarized here.