A Star in Sports: Emmy-Award Winning Sports Caster Keynotes WCI 2018

Dara Barney

Orlando, FL (WorkersCompensation.com) – Lee Corso, a multiple-award winning ESPN College GameDay analyst, presented to a packed room at the official keynote session Monday morning. The former Louisville Cardinals/Indiana Hoosiers coach highlighted a few keys to success, according to Jonathan Mast, Sedgwick’s Director of Digital Strategy.

“…Relationships with people are the key to success no matter what business you are in. Greed is the number one thing that kills relationships,” Corso said.

“You surround yourself with good people. You surround yourself with good character not characters. Character is the secret never get rid of a dedicated hard working person.”

Sedgwick sponsored the keynote session, and WorkersCompensation.com took some time to catch up with its key players.

Mast encouraged attendees to address the talent gap in the work comp industry, and to volunteer at places like Give Kids the World and Kids Chance.

Sedgwick CEO Dave North also commented, “When asked why am I here at WCI, my response is I don’t understand why my peers aren’t here it’s the place to be for the best in the industry.”