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By: Cynthia K. Karlen

Despite much confusion, calculating temporary disability (TD) can be easy—and fun—if we keep a few simple rules in mind.

All employees receive the maximum Temporary Disability rate UNLESS there is documentation proving the employee is not a max earner. First, get a wage statement from the employer and determine if the applicant is a full time or part time employee. When was he/she hired? Are there any personnel issues?

Example: EE earns 70,000.00 per year. 70,000.00 / 52.18 = $1,341.51 Average Weekly Wage (AWW) DOI: 10/25/2015—Max TTD rate in 2015 is $1103.29

If still off work on 10/25/2017 (2 years post injury), the employee may be entitled to the new maximum rate that went into effect on 1/01/16 ($1,128.43) or potentially the maximum rate for 2017, inasmuch as the employee’s...

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