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New Bill Would Strip Former Rep. Jesse Jackson of Workers’ Comp Benefits


By Liz Carey

Washington, D.C. ( - A bill introduced today in Congress by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) would strip federal workers’ compensation from former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., as well as any other elected official convicted of the 29 crimes listed.

The bill, entitled the Protecting Taxpayers from Corruption Act, would not only prevent former congressmen from collecting workers’ compensation, but also provide Congress with an annual list of Congressmen who have applied for workers’ compensation benefits.

The bill comes, in part, after it was revealed that Jackson received nearly $100,000 in annual workers’ compensation benefits for an undisclosed job-related injury. The revelations came out in divorce proceedings between Jackson and his wife, Sandi, who both pleaded guilty in 2013 of misusing campaign funds.


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