Workers’ Compensation 2.0


If you missed the WCI 2017 Conference or want to watch this riveting program again, click here for the podcast. 

THE YEAR IS 2019. The United States Supreme Court has just declared state workers’ compensation systems to be “unconstitutional” because they no longer provide a “grand bargain” to injured workers. Recognizing the chaos this will cause, the Court gives states 6 months to enact new workers’ compensation legislation before implementing its order.

In this live edition of the popular “Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark” educational series (and in conjunction with The Center for Excellence), our high-profile panel will debate the construction of workers’ compensation 2.0. What will it include? What will change? Everything is on the table in this never been done before event.

Kimberly George
SVP Corporate Development, M&A and Healthcare

Mark Walls
VP Communications & Strategic Analysis         
Safety National
David Stills
Vice President, Global Risk Management         
Walmart Stores, Inc. (largest employer in the US)
David North
President and CEO
Sedgwick (largest TPA in the US which handles both workers’ compensation and disability claims)

Mark Wilhelm
CEO, Safety National (insures or reinsures more than 10% of the US workforce)
Matthew Peterson
CEO, Ancillary and Individual 
Chief Administrative Officer, Employer and Individual
UnitedHealth Group (largest healthcare carrier in US) 

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